>Engaged : Jake & Christy


The first time he asked her out she said no.  Well, he didn't actually have the chance to ask her.  As Jake said goodbye to her on her porch that night during their junior year of high school, Christy sensed that he was going to ask her out, and she knew she had to say no.  It wasn't that she didn't like him, because she always did.  She just knew she wasn't in the right place for a relationship.  So before he could "pop the question", so to speak, Christy decided to nip it in the bud and said,  "So, we're just friends, right?"
But Jake was persistent. They eventually did start dating.  And on that very same porch, Jake had the opportunity to redeem himself by popping the real question.  And this time, Christy said yes.
Jake and Christy are getting married this summer, and I have to say, I CANNOT wait for this wedding!  Seth and I have known Jake for a very long time and are close with him and his family, so I almost feel like one of my brothers is getting married!  But if anyone can't wait for the wedding, it's Jake and Christy.  Jake is in the USMC and currently living in California, while Christy is going to school here at NIU.  The past 2 1/2 years of their relationship have been long-distance, so I can only imagine how much they are looking forward to finally being together, forever.  :)
We started the session where it all began, on Christy's porch. :)
Then moved on to Hopkins Park while the snow picked up.  This was probably the first time I was overjoyed about a snowstorm.  It was absolutely gorgeous, and so romantic. :)
We stopped in at Shawn's in Sycamore to warm up with some hot cocoa before heading back out into the cold.
Jake and Christy, I'm so happy for you guys, you are seriously perfect for each other!  Thanks for your willingness to brave the snow, you guys were beyond amazing!   :) :) :) :) :) :)