>Kids : Mattea and Mackenzie


Every time I get in my car to head to a session, I thank God for allowing me to do something I love.  Never in a million bajillion years did I think I'd find something I was passionate about, much less have a job I truly enjoyed. And yet, here I am, taking pictures.  FOR A LIVING.  Although, to me, it's more than just taking pictures. It's documenting the special moments.  The ones we try so hard to burn into our memory, that are over in the time it takes to blink.
I recently had an amazing reminder of just how important it is to document the special things in our lives.  At 9 weeks old, Mattea was diagnosed with ATRT (Atypical Teratoid Rhabdoid Tumor), a highly malignant brain tumor with a survival rate of less than 10% in children.  After surgery, chemo, radiation, many other procedures, and I'm sure uncountable sleepless nights for mommy and daddy, Mattea is now 4 years old and cancer free!!!  Mattea is one tough cookie, and it means a lot to me that her parents, Tara and Mike, would invite me into their home to take pictures of her and her sister, Mackenzie.  :)  Their family of 4 (soon to be 5 come this January/Febraury :]) is super tight, and they know what's important: each other.
Mattea loves to play with blocks...
...and Mackenzie loves knocking them over. :)
Mackenzie is such a bundle of energy!!!
This was hilarious, Mike and Tara were throwing Mattea and Mackenzie onto this giant beanbag to get them to laugh.  It was extremely effective, and very cute!! :)
Mommy knows how to make her smile!!
Thanks so much, Mattea and Mackenzie, for letting me come hang out and take some pictures of you two.  I had a blast!!!! :) :) :) :)