>Babies : Reese {1 Month}


The day she met Lucas she told us she was pregnant. I cried. Sure, I could have blamed it on the post pregnancy hormones, but in reality, I was so overjoyed that Jessica and Michael were going to experience what Seth and I had just experienced two weeks prior. That the hormones, nausea, backaches, and sleepless nights are worth every second. That the cliche "I never knew I could love someone so much," was actually true. And that the moment you first lay eyes on your precious child and hold him in your arms is a moment you will never. ever. forget. Becoming a parent is such an amazing thing, and I was so overwhelmed with happiness that I would be able to share that with one of my good friends. :)
I don't have the chance to do many infant sessions, so I was insanely excited about the opportunity to take pictures of little Reese. I wanted to squeeze him the whole time!! Even while writing this post I have to resist every urge to drive up to South Beloit and just EAT HIM ALL GONE! Every little thing he did reminded me so much of when Lucas was a month old (a mere 7 months ago, I know :]) and I can't believe how fast they grow! It also made me realize how amazing it is as a photographer to be able to document the different stages of life. :)
I love his little sleep-smile!!
This is one of my favorites!!
The day of their session (October 24th) was Michael and Jessica's one year wedding anniversary, so we had to get a couple pictures of just the two of them. They are so cute and so in love!! :)
Another one of my faves! Jess is so adorable when she laughs!
Jessica and Michael, thank you so much for letting me take pictures of your sweet little family. You two are already such great parents, and I'm so excited that our boys are going to grow up together!! :) :) :)