>Family : Pam & Spencer


I am so in love with fall right now. The leaves are starting to change, my allergies are back in control, and, even though it's a tad colder than I usually like, there's a crispness in the air that causes me to breathe deeply every time I step outside. Burning leaves, tea, soup, sweaters...every year I begin to look forward to fall more and more. Even if it is followed by my least favorite season of the year. ;)
Possibly the best thing about fall for me is the pictures! When I met with Pam and her son Spencer this past weekend, the leaves were just starting to get a hint of color in them. We started out at Belvidere Park, in Belvidere, IL and it was soooo gorgeous! Because of this, it's kind of a happening place. To give you an idea, we were dodging a cross country meet and a wedding party, and, thankfully, we were able to move on to our next location before the high schoolers came in for their homecoming pictures. It's that beautiful. Pam and Spencer were seriously amazing! They were super flexible and up for anything I suggested, no matter how strange and corny it sounded. The confidence they had in me was really encouraging, and I think we were able to get some really great pictures because of it. :)
How stinkin' cute is he???? I LOVE his dimples!!!
Check out those muscles!
The second location they chose is probably one of my favorite places to date. It's this little park tucked away in Belvidere called, coincidentally, Spencer Park. There were all these beautiful fall wildflowers there and I just couldn't get enough of them!!!!
It was insanely windy while we were there. In fact, I thought at one point Spencer was going to be swept away from us, but it made for some really interesting pictures.
Pam and Spencer LOVE hockey, so they wanted a few pictures of them in their Blackhawk jerseys.
Thank you, Pam and Spencer, for making my job so easy! I had so much fun hanging out with you guys! :)