>People : Paul

>One thing I've really loved about photography is reconnecting with old friends. Paul is one of those old friends. We went to DeKalb High School together, and graduated *cough* almost 10 years ago (holy heck, has it really been that long??). I was in choir and the musicals with Paul, not to mention years and years of other random classes (Mrs. Williams AP English was the best!!). Paul went on to get his Masters in Vocal Performance and Pedagogy and has plans for teaching this winter at Knox College. Until then, he needed some headshots for this upcoming Opera season. Enter, Chrissy. :) Now, Paul tried to trick me into thinking that "the camera hates him," but I beg to differ. :)

We snuck in some casual shots as well. That's just how I role. :)
I think this one is my fave!
Paul, it was great to catch up with you!!! Good luck and I hope we meet again soon! :)