>Engaged : Sylvia & Kyle

>Sylvia and Kyle are High School sweethearts. They have an adorable son, Dominic. And they are so in love with each other.

It was rather overcast earlier this week when we went to Blumen Gardens to shoot Sylvia and Kyle's engagement pictures, and I had been on edge all day as to whether or not it was going to downpour while we were there. Thankfully, the rain held off and we were able to get out and take some beautiful pictures of the them!
We took advantage of the morning rain and got a sweet puddle picture. :)
Isn't she so beautiful??
Dominic came along, so we a little family session as well. I have to tell you, Dom is so. stinking. cute. And incredibly ticklish! I think he started laughing at the mere mention of a tickle fight. :)
This melts my heart.
So. ticklish. :)
Thanks, Kyle and Sylvia (and Dominic!) for a fun time! You guys are great and I can't wait to shoot your wedding in November!! :)