For those of you who haven't check out my 365 project about my son, Lucas on Facebook (shame on you, by the way :p), I recently posted this picture of him trying solid food for the first time (taken by Seth) :

I take anywhere from 10-20 pictures of Luc every day for my 365 project, and narrowing it down can be rather difficult for 2 reasons : 1. When I have a particular vision for the shot I'll keep shooting until I get what I want, and 2. Because he's so friggin' cute that I have a hard time stopping myself even when I do get said shot. Before I know it, I have 20 either slightly or drastically varied pictures and I have to choose ONE for that day. I know, I know, there are plenty of worse problems to have than deciding which completely adorable picture of my son to use for a project I'm forcing myself to do, but cut me some slack, people! :)
This picture from 8/25 was no exception. Since it was a milestone, I ended up taking way more pictures than usual, then was faced with the daunting task of choosing only one. I ended up settling on his first taste of it because his face was just so sweet, and of course because it was his VERY FIRST BITE of solid food! I realized that I've never formally introduced my son here on the 'ole blog, even though I take a picture of him EVERY day, so I thought I'd dedicate this post to him and share the other pictures that I loved so much from his first experience with food.
Here comes the first taste!!
Seth was able to get some smiles from him.
And so the next stage of parenthood has begun. I can't believe how fast it's gone so far!