>Kids : Luke


It rained the morning of Luke's 1-year session. We had planned on doing the shoot outside, but it was super soggy, so we changed it up when I got there. It really didn't matter because I know Luke would have brought the cute no matter where we did the pictures. :) I went to school with Luke's mom, Kristina, so I was really excited to reconnect with her, and by the time the session ended, Luke was doing his thing while her and I just chatted. Here's an interesting little tidbit that I just realized : Her name is Kristina, my full name is Christina. Her son's name is Luke, my son's name is Lucas, and we call him Luc. How strange is that???
Anyways, enough about that, prepare yourself for some serious cuteness!!
Luke had just had his 1-year Birthday party the weekend before the shoot, so we thought it would be cool to include some of his party balloons...
...and then he tried to eat them. :)
I LOVE these in the rocking chair! They're a couple of my faves!
Luke picked this book out to look at with his dad. It was a photo album of his parent's wedding. Isn't that sweet??
We took a chance and went outside to get a few pictures on their hammock. We lasted about 5 minutes before the mosquitoes tried to eat us for breakfast, but we got a couple of really sweet pictures.
love, Love, LOVE this one of all 3 of them!! They are such an adorable family!
Thanks so much to Luke and his parents for welcoming me into their home!! I had a great time! :)