>Kids : Landon & Emaree


I've decided I love taking pictures of kids. It's not that I didn't before, I just hadn't done many kid sessions prior to this summer. Honestly, kid sessions made me a little nervous. I mean, what do you do with them? You can't really pose them. They usually don't smile if you ask them to. Heck, half the time they're completely freaked out by you and refuse to even look at the camera! After spending some time researching, delving into my past life as a daycare teacher, and using some trial and error, I realized the best way to photograph kids is to let them do what they do: Be kids. Let them play and interact with them while they are doing it. Smile at them and let them know you aren't a threat. Pretty soon, they get used to you and don't even notice the giant camera snapping away. :)

The day of Landon and Emaree's shoot was RIDICULOUSLY hot and humid. We had planned on meeting at a local park, but Mom knew it wouldn't make for happy pictures. Instead, we moved to Aunt T's basement, which was stinkin' sweet! Let me sum it up for you in two words: Ball Pit. Oh yeah, and two more: Giant Beanbag.

The ball pit!
Every time I tried to take a picture of Landon through the window, he would come over and close it on me!
Emaree is quite the diva. :)
A break for dinner with Mom on the giant beanbag.
Landon and his Dad
We were able to get outside in the front yard for about 15 minutes, which was more than enough to grab some sweet shots of these adorable little kidos.
Landon broke the stick, and was then trying to put it back together. How cute is that?
Since we were at Aunt T's house, we decided to grab a few shots of Landon and Emaree with their cousins, Mattea and Mackenzie.
Thanks so much, Landon and Emaree, for letting me take your picture!